Printer Independence

Use LabelScope with your favorite label printer.

  • Print labels using anything on your screen.
  • LabelScope converts your screen into a virtual label.
  • Change the label size or how many copies to print.
  • Control the style and sensitivity.
  • The labels are printed and ready for use.

Print What You See

LabelScope is Mac software that makes label printers more useful. The "scope" is a virtual label that converts your screen into a label preview.

Receipts, too! Not only does LabelScope support printing to receipt printers, it can also program the memory of the printer. This allows you to recall and print saved images - even outside of LabelScope.

Is Your Printer Supported?

Check out our Printer Feature Matrix.


Are we missing support for your favorite label printer? Do you have an idea for the future of LabelScope? Contact Us.

Custom Label Design

Semireg Industries designs and prints custom artwork on labels. Contact Us for details.