What Scales Are Supported?

Visit our scales page.

What Applications Are Supported?

MASS integrates with almost every Mac program. This is done by floating over other windows. Download MASS for free and see if it works for you.

Does MASS Support Tare Weights?

Yes. You can configure predefined tare weights and associate the tare with a unique color icon.

Does MASS Support Serial-based Scales?

Yes. Serial-based scales are supported using a USB-to-Serial adapter. MASS performance is maximized when using the serial-based NCI 6700 scale. This hardware combination can be purchased from Semireg Industries.

How Do I Purchase MASS?

Click here to purchase a single-user MASS license.

How Much Does MASS Cost?

Single-user MASS costs $40.00. The MASS Framework is licensed to developers on a sliding-scale.

What Version of Mac OSX Does MASS Require?

MASS requires Mac OSX 10.7 or greater.

Is MASS Certified Under NTEP?

MASS does not calculate prices, therefore, MASS is not NTEP certified by the NCWM. Semireg Industries will gladly collaborate with your POS vendor to acquire NTEP certification using MASS.

My Question Isn't Answered

Read the online manual and if your question isn't answered, contact us. We are excited to talk to you.

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